Don’t Leave Your Photos To Chance


Don’t leave your photos to chance: put them in the hands of a professional.


These days everyone has a camera but not everyone can create beautiful and enduring images of you and your family. To be the best at what you do (whatever your profession is) takes lots of knowledge, years of dedication, tons of practice and a whole host of experience. In time you learn how to rectify mistakes and how to quickly achieve what your client needs or guide them in the right direction. You could almost say it’s like raising children…

For me photography has changed so much from when I first started taking photos on a City and Guilds course back in Dublin 24 years ago! At the time I was shooting on film (costly for a poor student) and working in the darkroom (lit with that iconic red bulb) to develop my film, create negatives and print my work. I still remember the smell of the chemicals and the delight in taking my processed rolls of film, born into the light for the first time, and holding them up to the window to see how they had turned out. Finding my way around the inside of the camera and the darkroom involved learning chemistry (mixing the chemicals for fixing and developing) maths and physics (for measuring light and time of exposure to light), as well as good old patience and dogged methodical persistence- all to capture that elusive image of a frozen moment in time.

Time inevitably marches on and as we all know the process these days is much more instantaneous- everyone has a camera on their phone by default and high end cameras have become more available on the high street than ever before. Our children have become accustomed to being bombarded by more photographs than any other generation in history. In 2014 1.8 billion images were uploaded every day!

But how many of them were any good?

How many were taken with care, patience and dedication? How many will stand the test of time?

The technology may have changed but the principles of photography have remained the same. And as time passes these throwaway images become the only direct link to those precious key moments in our lives.

So if you want images of your family that you can treasure and enjoy for an entire lifetime then dont leave it to chance:

Create an heirloom.  Put them in the hands of a professional.